Scrapyard management

At Heavymovement we specialize in the design, operation and integral control of scrapyards.
To meet our customers’ needs and requirements, we analyse each case separately, we propose the layout that best suits the requirements of the steelworks, we define the resources necessary for its operation and also define the type and amount of equipment needed to operate the yard as efficiently as possible in terms of cost, productivity and service quality.
In other words, we provide our customers with leading technology and our extensive knowledge of the service to deliver custom solutions that achieve maximum operational and financial efficiency.
We have a large fleet of cranes, front loaders, trucks, tractors, special platforms, scrap metal units, scales, scrap screeners, etc., which affords us great versatility and a high capacity for response to our customers’ emergencies and requirements.

Benefits for our customers

1. At Heavymovement we specialize in designing scrapyards. We offer an additional consultancy service as requested by our customers

2. Prior to the start of the contract, we design:

  • The road layout for internal and external trucks
  • The optimal position and size of the stacks to reduce internal scrap transport times
  • The type of scrap to be stored in each stack
  • The optimal number of stacks for each type of scrap
  • The distribution of scrap in the steelworks pit
  • The internal scrap transport system to optimize travel and transport costs (high-capacity trucks)
  • Organization of work to optimize downtimes and maximize use of staff

3. We cover all complementary operations required for complete management of a scrap yard:

  • Scrap screening
  • Scrap cutting
  • Shearing
  • Lance-cutting of large masses of steel
  • Shredder plant management
  • Metal recovery
  • Breakage of steel shavings with steel ball

4. Reduction or elimination of investment costs. Heavymovement provides all the machinery, infrastructure and staff necessary for the operation of processes

5. Minimization of maintenance costs, as the equipment is owned or operated by and licensed to Heavymovement

6. Reduction of scrap handling costs by optimizing processes and strict control of movements