Loading and unloading of trains

Owing to its competitive prices and high efficiency, many of our customers receive raw materials or products by rail. Thanks to its expertise in these operations, Heavymovement offers a comprehensive goods loading/unloading and transport service to optimize rail operations and reduce handling and internal transportation costs.

We have developed a large number of innovative solutions to meet our customers’ high demands:

  • Mobile scales
  • Scales built into the scrap-transport trucks
  • Multi-tools with magnet and special unit to streamline wagon-cleaning processes
  • High-capacity scrap-transport trucks (up to 80 t per trip)
  • Remote control of tractor machines
  • TV camera system for complete view of wagon interiors from crane cabin
  • High-speed, high-capacity own tools designed for loading wagons with finished product
  • Loading of 24-m long products with tools specially designed for this operation
  • Direct unloading of scrap by tipping container with front loader