Collection, transport and reprocessing of scale

The many additional services we offer our customers include the removal of scale containers from different points at the factory, their transport by truck and storage for later processing.
To do this, we offer our customers a large fleet of trucks for the collection and transport of containers.

Scale is a high value-added by-product for steel companies thanks to its many industrial applications, such as its use as raw material at sinter plants.
For this reason, we offer our customers our knowledge and specific machinery for the reprocessing of scale to adapt to end users’ demands:

  • Drying of the scale
  • Screening according to size
  • Metal recovery
  • Loading of containers for shipping
Heavymovement offers its customers a full "turnkey" service including not only the collection and reprocessing of the scale, but also its sale and delivery to the customer. Or if you prefer, we put you in direct contact with specialist traders. Of course, we take care of all the arrangements for transport and delivery of the product in the best conditions.